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When you are looking for new luxury vinyl flooring for your home or business, we suggest that you visit our showroom in Framingham, MA before you buy elsewhere. Why? We have one of the very best selections of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) in the area.

As you may already know, luxury vinyl tile mimics natural stone flooring, and luxury vinyl plank mimics hardwood flooring. In both cases, the level of authenticity that is achieved is nearly unbelievable. The reason these flooring systems look so real, is due to the high-definition imaging processes that are used during manufacturing. Interior designers across America agree that it can be nearly impossible to tell the luxury vinyl flooring from the real thing... until you get the bill.

Luxury vinyl is far less expensive than natural stone or traditional hardwoods, making it the perfect choice for those who want remarkably beautiful flooring installed in their home or business, but want to save money as well. With luxury vinyl flooring, you can do just that.

When you visit our showroom in Framingham, MA, you will find a wonderful selection of both types of luxury vinyl. These flooring systems come from Earthwerks, a trusted company that produces some of the best flooring in America today. While it is true that these systems are incredibly beautiful, they are also tough and durable, and will last for years and years with minimal maintenance. They are perfect for homes with active kids or pets, and perfect for businesses that have a lot of foot traffic. The very best way to learn more about these amazing flooring systems is to come see us at Creative Carpet Inc in Framingham, MA, and allow us to show you the best in luxury vinyl flooring on the market today.


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