What area rugs can do for any room

They might be small, but these rugs make a big splash in any room’s decor, pulling it all together by working with the other colors in the room's design plan. We carry a large assortment of colors, styles, and designs, making Creative Carpet your total source for hard, soft, resilient flooring and area rugs in Framingham, MA.

Adding simplicity to your cleaning schedule

While carpet is usually tacked to a floor, these are not, meaning that you can easily pick them up to shake them out, vacuum, or spot clean. Area rugs also come in various fibers, so, depending on your choice, they may even be machine washable. Many can also be used outdoors.

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The anchor-effect

Anchoring is a word frequently used by designers. A scatter rug needs to be firmly placed under main pieces of furniture to create a small, comfortable and warm space, such as a cozy sitting area or a dining space. If there is no rug, it can almost feel like the furniture is floating, which can be uncomfortable. They also eliminate noise; have you ever noticed that when you're in a room with all hard surfaces and wood furniture, it seems noisier than usual? That's because there are no soft surfaces, such as fabric and upholstery, to absorb echoes. Like any carpet, these will also provide warmth (especially when combined with the padding) and comfort.

Tips on selecting area rugs

When you come into our area rug store, be sure to prioritize your needs and style when making your selection. For example, if you're going to place the rug in a bustling room, be sure you choose it in a fiber that will withstand heavy foot traffic. Likewise, if you have kids or pets, choose something that's easily washable.
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How to place them

Rugs should be large enough to fit under significant pieces of furniture, or at least the two front legs of each piece, with a 12-to-18-inch extension of the bare floor also showing. In dining rooms, they should be able to fit under both the table and chairs and, knowing that bedrooms can be tricky, you can always place a matching runner on each side of the bed.

The design experts at Creative Carpet will help you choose the perfect area rugs. For inspiration and a free quote, visit our showroom in Framingham, MA. We’re convenient to Framingham, MA, Natick, MA, Hopkinton, MA, Holliston, MA, && Ashland, MA.