Why do people like hardwood floors so much?

Why do people like hardwood floors so much?

If you’ve had the opportunity to shop for flooring very long, you’ve probably already experienced the popularity of wood flooring. In today's post, we will tell you why people like wood floors so much and why you might come to like them just as much, so read along for that information now.

Let’s find out more about engineered and solid hardwood flooring

Many homeowners enjoy solid hardwood flooring most because it offers one of the most extensive lifespans in flooring, bringing more than 100 years with professional installation and proper care. However, even engineered materials, which are a perfect alternative in below-grade spaces, give up to 30 years or more and function well in multiple settings.

Both materials allow you to customize your appearance with your choice of species, stain color, board grade, format, and installation layout. It’s easy to match any décor with extensive options like these and many others, especially when you choose trending options that can keep you current.

Another reason people like wood flooring is that it can be refinished up to several times throughout the lifespan. Once wear begins to show, the refinishing process can bring it back to a like-new appearance, giving you many more years to enjoy the flooring.

We are your go-to hardwood flooring company

Creative Carpet Inc. is a hardwood flooring company that caters to your specific requirements, no matter how precise or extensive your remodel is. So whether you need flooring for one room or your entire home, we’re here to make sure the experience is flawless from start to finish.

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