Choose a hardwood you and your pets will love

Choose a hardwood you and your pets will love

Solid hardwood flooring might not be the first floor covering you think of if you have pets in the home. But some excellent choices will give you the peace of mind you want and need in this situation.

Choose the hardest species

The harder the species, the more durable your floors will be, even under heavy wear. Oak is an excellent choice for pets, especially when sealed and finished in a way that works to hide scratches.

There are a variety of wood flooring species to choose from for excellent results in most areas. Be sure to speak with your flooring professional about options that will work for you.

A textured finish is a great choice

A textured finish is perfect for hiding scuffs and scratches from pet nails. Hand-scraped, distressed, and vintage finishes are some of the most common choices.

If you need further protection, consider area rugs or runners. These pieces keep traffic from making contact with your solid hardwood flooring.

Be sure to care for pet nails

Pet nails are the most common enemy of your wood floors, so keeping them trimmed helps. You might also ensure they only have soft toys to play with for areas where floors are wood.

For more tips, let our associates know what kind of pets you have and where they travel most often. Then, we can help you make choices that will serve you well.

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